About Us

Gael Moffat BSc (hons) Sports Science, MSST

Gael started business in 2002, whilst studying at Napier University to gain an honours degree in Sports Science.  Previous to this, her studies took her to Central College of Commerce in Glasgow, afterwards returning to Dumfries to take the role of a fitness instructor at a local gym.

In 2005 she became of full member of the Society of Sports Therapists, after undertaking further studies with them.

Much of her experience is in football being employed by Gretna FC on a full time basis for three and a half years.  This was a valuable experience, and a great opportunity to learn many more skills.

Gael started to concentrate on her business full time and was based in Dumfries town centre.
In 2007 demand was so high that Lyndsay McQuat came on board with Gael. 
In 2008 Lyndsay started working at the newly opened DG One in Dumfries and Gael joined her early in 2009.